Hospital immersion

Shared coworking spaces at the heart of French Hospitals (APHP)

Our integration begins with a hospital immersion adventure with a site in the heart of the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital (Paris 13) and in connection with the university hospital group APHP.Sorbonne Université as well as a second in the heart of the Bichat hospital (Paris 18), in association with the APHP.Nord university hospital group.

Our both immerged spaces offer:

Shared workspaces

Opportunity for interaction with Health Care Professionals

Catalyzing innovations within real-life care settings

For Entrepreneurs, the shared work spaces offer:

Proximity to paramedical staff and physicians

Online booking for a variety of spaces by hour, day or month, no minimum required

Bookable meeting rooms and terrace areas

Services included: Coffee and tea, internet, smiles, photocopy equipment, abundant sweets, equipped kitchen & relaxation area